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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Christmas is mostly a happy season but there are always families who are mourning in addition to those who are celebrating.
1884 -Dec. 23, Nancy Copeland Sparkman died near Flint today. She was sick only a few days, but bore her intense suffering with great patience. She was the mother of 12 children, five of whom have gone to live in a bright world beyond this vale of tears, where she has now reunited with them. Sister Sparkman was conscious to the very last hour of her life, and begged her children not to weep for her, that she was not at all alarmed at death. She was a kind, indulgent mother; a loving wife; a precious grandmother to her many grandchildren.
1956 -Dec. 24, Morgan County native and current Hollywood personality Dean Jones is at home with his family for the Christmas holidays. His third movie, "The Great American Pastime," opens Christmas Day at the Bowline Drive-in Theatre.
2003 -Dec. 24, 2003-A reverent Christmas Eve candlelight communion service was held at Hartselle First Baptist today.
2002 -Dec. 25, Brittany McCoy, age 11, daughter of Jim and Tammy McCoy, received her first horse, Spirit, this Christmas. Now, Lauren, 7, is wanting her own horse as well-although she realizes she'll probably have to wait a few years.
1895 -Dec. 26, Christmas Day-the day of all days-the gladdest and best of the year-has come for this year and is now numbered with those of the past. It passed quietly, but was regarded with no less fervency or reverence than in former years.
1939 -Dec. 27, Mrs. Howard Burleson's Christmas decorations really stood out this year, even among an outstanding collection of residential ornamental displays. Her beautifully executed theme was "Peace on Earth."
1950 -Dec. 28, M.C.H.S. students dug down in their Christmas savings to provide baskets for needy families this year. Each high school class packed a basket and also selected the family that would receive it. This example of the true Christmas spirit filled Principal David Darden with pride in his students.
2003 -Dec. 29, U.S. Army Spec. Jerry Poland of Georgia received a letter recently from Hope Lewis, a 10-year-old Crestline Elementary student. After getting it he wrote Hope telling her that this was all he got for Christmas and how happy it made him.