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Letters to the Editor

By Staff
Tigers have right to be proud
For six years, I have watched my son and his many friends play football for Hartselle. Every year with a hope of a winning season but, more importantly, an injury-free season. Through the strains, torn ligaments, bumps and bruises they always came out on top. Even when they lost, they always looked forward to the next game. But this year is different for me. This year is my son's senior year.
As my family and I waited for the guys to walk to the buses Friday night after the heartbreaking loss to Fairfield, I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself. I loved watching him play and practice something that he loved. He never tired of football. Not the long hard practices or the seemingly endless workouts. I held back the tears until he walked to his dad and broke down in his arms. For he too knew it was the end. An end without the chance to play Russellville again or play for a state championship.
I tried to talk to as many of the players as possible and even gave a few a hug. Others, understandably upset, wanted to be left alone. What I wanted all of them to know is how proud we are of all of them. I don't think they realize just how important they are to us (the parents and long time fans). On the field, and more importantly off the field, they are gentlemen. They couldn't have represented Hartselle any better.
My son made a comment of how football changed him into a stronger and better person than he thought he would have been if he hadn't played football. He became confident and a leader. I know that he and the other seniors will become great men. I hope that every one of them will return to Hartselle after their college career and continue to be the role models they are today.
To my son, Jay D. Glenn (No. 78), and all the other seniors and the rest of the Hartselle Tiger football team, we love you and are so very proud of you!
Pamela Glenn
Candidate's wife thanks supporters
I would like to personally take this time to thank everyone who was involved in our campaign. It is truly humbling to know you have so many friends and family who stand behind you and believe in you.
I feel like Don's loss in the commission race was an absolute gain when you consider how many wonderful friendships he and I have made, not only here in Morgan County but also in other states, from Washington to Montgomery, which has also led to many other connections as well. Those type friendships will always be cherished.
I also want to thank the girls who work with me at the barber shop (Van's Barber Shop) for putting up with me every time it's campaign time.
And to my faithful customers, please know I appreciate your patience and understanding. I cherish your business and also thank you for putting up with me through 12 years of politics and for listening to me! I love you all for that.
And now, to our families–wow! What can I say to you but I love you all from the bottom of my heart and I know you love us, too, because you have shown us in so many ways. Nobody in the world has a more precious family than we do.
Thank you again for your support for Don through the years and for your cards, phone calls and visits, but most of all for your dear friendship. God has truly blessed us and He will continue to bless us in the future, because when you have Him on your side, you will always be a winner.
I love you all and I thank you with all my heart.
Van Stisher