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It's time for Thanksgiving!

By Staff
Michelle Blaylock, Mom's Corner
Happy Thanksgiving! This is a wonderful time to look over the year and thank our Heavenly Father for allowing us each day. I'm amazed at us, as Americans, and how much we complain. Now, don't get me wrong. There are reasons to complain and our country has things going on in it that I don't agree with, but I'd rather live here than anywhere else!
Isn't it strange at how relative a situation can be. Let me explain, when I was about seven months pregnant with our second child, our first one became ill. She was just two years old and she would hold her head and cry because her head hurt. She had dizziness, vomiting, and would scream that she was falling when we were holding her. Of course, we visited the doctor, but the problem persisted. She began to lose weight and started becoming withdrawn. The doctor kept telling us to treat the symptom and hope the cause goes away. Although I was a young mom, I knew this was not a good idea and I also knew that something else had to be done.
As I was crying on a dear Christian friend's shoulder one day, she suggested that we try her daughter's pediatrician. I was ready for any suggestion at this point. So I called and to make a long story short, she saw my daughter that day. She looks at my very pregnant body and says, "You need to sit down and, is there anyone with you today?"
Okay, when a doctor says this to you, you know it's not going to be good. She told me that my baby's problem was one of three things, either a brain tumor, an enlarged blood vessel or cyst, or migraines. You know migraines sounded really good at that point! Talk about relativity! Migraines are awful, but the other two things were worse. This actually happened just before Thanksgiving. Yes, I was very thankful that year.
My point is that many of us really don't have a reason to complain. I think it becomes a habit. Why? Well, we are bombarded by things we need constantly and it makes us think our lives aren't good enough.
Before I get in trouble, I'm not saying we shouldn't work to better ourselves and our lives, but we need to temper it with thankfulness for what we've already have.
My grandmother, who raised nine children, told me that if you have a roof that doesn't leak, a quilt on your bed, clean water to drink, clothes to wear, and bread on your table then you don't need to complain. She was a wise woman.
I learned a lot from her. I asked her one time why she decided to have nine children. She said that she and my grandfather didn't think they would ever have children when she didn't become pregnant for the first four years of their marriage. She said she just guessed that God didn't think they were ready. Then she smiled and said, "But He made up for it, didn't He!
She always found a way to be thankful!
I also began thinking this week about the little blessings in my daily life. I think sometimes we forget to be thankful for the everyday things. Can you imagine how thankful the Pilgrim women would have been to have the modern conveniences of today? Even the settlers of the 1800s would have been tickled to have what we have! Imagine their delight at walking into a Wal-Mart! How about just not having to pluck or clean their main course and we complain if the brand we want isn't available!
I love to cook from scratch, but when I'm in a hurry I like being able to open that can of whatever, too! Pilgrims didn't have that choice and what about their kitchens. Personally, I'd rather be living now! I like my kitchen appliances and my running water that isn't contaminated with all sorts of nasty things.
There are many other things that I find that I am thankful for when I stop to think about it. It's easy to remember my children, husband, friends, family, our church family, home and vehicles. However, there are little things, too. In our family, I'm thankful every morning that we don't lose one of the ferrets in the house! I also find myself being thankful for a complete night's sleep. (It doesn't happen very often.) I'm thankful every morning that the shoes didn't disappear overnight.
(It's amazing how that happens!). How about being able to take that hot bath or wash clothes without drawing water out of a well and heating it on the old wood stove. That's a blessing for sure! There are so many more that I could list, but you get my point.
I want to close this week by sharing one of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes.
Swiss Veggie Medley
1 pkg frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, thawed and drained
1 can cream mushroom soup
1/2 cup sour cream
1 cup shredded Swiss Cheese
1 sm can fried onions (Durkee)
Pepper to taste
Mix frozen veggies, mushroom soup, sour cream, 1 cup Swiss cheese, 1/3 cup fried onions, and pepper. Pour into casserole dish, cover and bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Top with remaining cheese and onions. Cook uncovered 5 minutes.
I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. If you have an idea, suggestion, or recipe to share, please send it to: Mom's Corner; P.O. Box 1496; Hartselle, AL 35640 or