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Spa parties provide a break for busy people

By Staff
Tracy B. Cieniewicz, Hartselle Enquirer
Kim Pittman of Hartselle is introducing busy women everywhere to a home spa treatment at a fraction of professional spa prices.
Pittman, an independent consultant for BeautiControl, hosts in-home spa experiences for informal gatherings of friends and family, as well as spa parties for the bride or mother-to-be.
"Women are just so busy these days, the spa party gives them a nice excuse to just relax and unwind for one hour," Pittman explained. "This is a much different experience than most in-home demonstrations."
Pittman greets each guest with a warm aroma therapy neck wrap and explains the benefits of a spa experience.
"The whole point is to reduce stress," Pittman said. "Research indicates 90 percent of all disease is linked to stress. The spa enterprise is a $11 billion industry, but at-home spa products can bring the same experience into your home without the $150 spa price tag."
The spa experience begins with a therapeutic foot bath and chilled eye pads. Pittman dims the lights and soft music plays in the background while she leads guests through a relaxation and visualization exercise.
"Can you feel the stress easing out of your body?" Pittman inquires as guests breathe deeply and imagine themselves on a secluded beach.
The experience continues with lip treatment, scalp massage, skin care, microderm abrasion, foot scrub and instant manicure demonstrations.
"We're not going to want to leave," a guest tells Pittman, who replies, "That's the whole point."
At the end of the spa experience, Pittman works closely with each guest to determine the best at-home spa package for their stress-relieving needs.
"Women just don't take the time to pamper themselves," Pittman said. "An at-home spa experience gives them the opportunity for a little bit of pampering anytime."
To schedule an in-home spa experience, call Kim Pittman at 773-7716 or 227-6441.