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Robertson: 'Hope we don't get embarrassed'

By Staff
Charles Prince, Hartselle Enquirer
Hokes Bluff head football coach Michael Robertson doesn't sound too confident heading into Friday's Class 3A playoff game at Danville.
"We'll try our best," Robertson said. "But, I just hope we don't get embarrassed. They are much bigger and stronger on both the offensive and defensive fronts than we are. I don't know how we can match up with them. They have a 190-pound tailback (Jeremy Orr), who looks like a really physical runner. We haven't faced a back like him all year."
Robertson said the teams play similar schemes, but the Hawks have a size advantage over his Eagles.
"They outweigh us 30 or 40 pounds a man along the lines. We'll look like a youth-league team lined up against them," Robertson, who led the Eagles to the 2001 state title, said.
The Eagles offense is led by senior tailback Andrew Calvard, who ran for over 800 yards and 10 touchdowns this season. On defense, senior linebacker Matt Carmany recorded more than 100 tackles.
Danville coach Joey Burch, who led the Hawks to a nine-win regular season for the first time in school history, feels the Hawks are facing their mirror image.
"They do a lot of what we do," Burch said. "They run out of the I formation and try to control the clock. They run it probably 80-percent of the time.
"The defenses are a little different. They run the 5-2 defense and play cover two behind it. They have a good defense. I think we're in for a test."
Burch, who led Danville to its first playoff game in 10 years, agreed the size difference might play a factor in the outcome.
"We're bigger than they are," Burch said. "It's to our advantage, that is if we block them. From what we've seen on film, their defense is really good at getting off blocks and getting to the ball carrier. But, if we go out and play with confidence and block well, we can win Friday night."
The winner will meet the winner of the Madison Academy at Cherokee County game in the second round of the playoffs.