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Tigers to face wishbone this Friday

By Staff
Charles Prince, Hartselle Enquirer
Alabama and Auburn fans may feel a little nostalgic if they attend the Hartselle at Muscle Shoals game this Friday night. The Trojans feature an offense used by both schools in years gone by-the wishbone.
Muscle Shoals is coached by former Alabama assistant and LSU head coach Curly Hallman. Hallman decided to run the wishbone due to the athletes who came out for the Trojan football team.
"We don't have the size of some schools, so I decided to run the wishbone," Hallman said. "Our line only averages about 210 pounds and our biggest lineman weighs only 228. I think the wishbone gives us a chance to play against bigger teams. Most teams don't see the offense much, so I think it gives us a chance against teams with bigger players."
The Trojans will pit the offense against a Tiger defense, which works against the option each day in practice.
"We run a lot of option around here," Hartselle coach Bob Godsey said. "So I think we can work against it in practice. They break the 'bone a lot and go with just one back, so some of their plays are similar to our option plays."
Godsey thinks the Muscle Shoals defense presents a bigger challenge than the unusual offensive sets the Trojans use.
"They play the same type of defense we do," Godsey said. "They use a three-three stack defense, but it's not the formation that makes them tough. They are relentless on defense.
"They play hard on every play. They bring lots of people at you on each play."
Hallman feels the Trojan squad is in for a big challenge against the Tigers.
"We don't match up with them talent wise," Hallman said. "I just hope we can keep playing hard if we get behind. This will be a dogfight for us. They only way we can whip them is to force some turnovers and get after them every play."
The Trojans beat Class 3A Sheffield 36-15 last week after opening with three straight losses.
"We didn't turn the ball over like we had earlier in the season," Hallman said. "We need to protect the ball this week."