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Folders lessen junk

By Staff
Michelle Blaylock, Mom's Corner
As school began this year I noticed how much information we need to keep, especially with five kids in school.
I was amazed at how many papers are sent home, most with information we really need to know. I was determined to find a way of organizing it all and being able to get my hands on it when I need to.
Papers – they come in from everywhere – school, mail, kids, husband, insurance, etc.
Well, for school I picked up one of those folders with the three clasps in the middle. I took five sheets of colored paper and wrote one of the kids names on each of them, their teacher's name and if necessary their class schedule.
I used a three hole punch to make holes in the papers and any papers their teachers sent home. I just stacked it all together and put it in the folder. Now anything the kids bring home that I need to keep long term I add to the folder in the section for the correct child.
I've also created a folder for insurance. Once the claim is settled I move it to long term filing in a file cabinet.
I also immediately throw away any "junk" mail.
Our family also uses a large cork bulletin board for short-term information.
Like the weekly newsletter from each child's teacher, receipts for things that might need to be returned, etc.
I also covered our bulletin board with fabric and ribbon using thumbtacks and a hot glue gun to keep everything in place.
We still occasionally misplace things (six kids in the house – go
figure!), but this system has made things much easier.
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