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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Each of the following items from the news of years past relates to a former mayor of Hartselle.
1942 -August 12, Mrs. C. C. (Tassie) Rolfe died. She was the daughter of the late Histaspas Stewart, one of Hartselle's first mayors and businessmen.
1948 -August 13, Unless things change before qualifying time expires, Steve Nelson will get four more years as Hartselle's mayor by default. (John Burleson later qualified and beat Mayor Nelson.)
1953 -August 14, Mr. and Mrs. Coy Stephenson and son, Don, spent the weekend in Columbus, Miss., with Lt. and Mrs. Robert Stephenson and daughter, Nancy.
1975 -August 15, 1975-Miss Italyne Hardwick, a legal secretary for more than 50 years, most recently for former Mayor Grady Long, has reached a grand total of ninety years. She is Hartselle's pioneer professional woman.
1903 -August 15, W. B. Lindsay is performing able service as justice of the peace for the Hartselle beat. He holds this office by virtue of gubernatorial appointment.
1960 -August 16, John D. Long will run for a position on the Hartselle City Council.
1940 -August 16, J. P. Hodges and S. M. Nelson are easily the favorite mayoral candidates at this time. Inded, the town seems divided right down the middle when it comes to deciding who will lead Hartselle's city government during the next four years.
2000 -August 17, It seems likely that either political newcomer Clifton P. (Clif) Knight or former Mayor Samie Wiley will be Hartselle's next mayor. What isn't known at this point is whether there will need to be a runoff on Sept. 12.
1908 -August 18, Incumbent Mayor J. H. Corsbie is a candidate for re-election. He has allied with him on his ticket the following aldermanic candidates: Rev. Mose Woodall, P. W. Williams, J. L. Day, P. Pattillo, and S. E. Stewart. The interest in the municipal election which is now little more than a month away is growing very warm, and every inch of ground will be contested.