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Tempting tables

By Staff
Entertaining at home is more popular than ever. After all, what better way to celebrate with family and friends than a special meal?
The table sets the tone of the gathering, and home entertainers everywhere will delight in the many new and innovative table arrangements from which to choose.
"Hosting a dinner party, luncheon or brunch is a wonderful way to gather people together," said Renee Katziff, a spokesperson for TJ Maxx. "At home entertaining continues to be a strong trend and those hosting these get-togethers will be thrilled with the myriad of tableware options. Fashion and function come together like never before."
Similar to fashion, home decor evolves and changes season to season, year to year. There are a variety of "hot" new decor trends, including vibrant colors, graphic designs and themed motifs. Examples of each of these trends can be seen on this page, compliments of TJ Maxx.
So gather your friends together and enjoy the festive spirit of summer.
Formal elegance with a rich hydrangea theme: A beautiful theme of abundance, full bloom hydrangea and soft blue and violet tones combine for the most elegant formal luncheon. Start with a textured place mat in violet paired with a robin's egg blue cloth napkin. Continue the garden-themed accessorizing with hydrangea patterned china. Mix and match pale green stemware and cobalt blue flatware; a floral teapot and creamer complete the colorful setting.
Masculine overtones with a fish motif: Gentlemen guests and outdoor lovers alike will delight in the newest home decor trend: fish motifs and aquatic colors. Sand, coral and turquoise are background colors from which to highlight ceramics adorned with trout, bass or other outdoor favorites. Serving pieces also keep the theme, and even copper molds can be used in meal preparation (salmon mousse) as well as table centerpieces. The perfect final touch: a gourmet fish cookbook for display and menu ideas.
Outdoor chic with citrus tones and stripes: As warm weather beckons, outdoor entertaining comes into full stride. This season, create a festive, whimsical outdoor table setting using the same colors associated with spring fashion: bright citrus tones. From sherbet orange, lemon, lime, popsicle blue, to raspberry pink, the colors are playful and bold. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns such as stripes, textures and polka dots all in this ice cream palette theme. Outdoor entertaining is even easier when using the newest acrylic stemware and sturdy ceramic plates.
The illustrated chef: A casual dinner party has never been more appealing than when the guests take part in making and serving the meal. This "illustrated chef" approach to home entertaining starts with a wide variety of tabletop items, depicting chefs of all styles. Take the theme a step further by serving "interactive" meals such as pizza making, fondue parties and dessert creations (remember the s'mores – guests can make their own). Black and white table decor provides the backdrop to an evening where the guests are the star chefs. Wine accessories, black wire baskets, espresso cups and more display the fun-loving chef.