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County DA switches to Republican party

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
Morgan County's District Attorney is making the switch to the Republican party.
Bob Burrell is seeking his fourth term as the county's DA. He was first elected in 1986, running as a Democrat.
The change, Burrell said, was brought about by what he sees as shift in the National Democratic Party.
"While my conservative beliefs have not changed during my career, the political views and agendas today of the Democratic Party are considerably different from what they were in 1986. The National Democratic Party has become more and more liberal, and I do not think it is in tune with the values of the people in Morgan County. I know that it no longer reflects my views and I cannot support the leadership nor the nominee of the National Democratic Party."
State Republican Chairman Marty Connors said he was "ecstatic" at the news of the Burrell's party change.
"Bob has been a pillar of the community for many years," Connors said. "He's been a conservative district attorney who, like so many in Morgan, Madison and Limestone counties, woke up and realized he didn't want to be associated with Bob Kerry and his wild-eyed liberal ideas."
Connors said he thinks Burrell's party change is the start of a growing trend in Morgan County, a place for years that was a stronghold of the state's Democratic party.
"It's one of our best new fishing holes," Connors said. "We welcome other conservatives who for years have been Democrats but can no longer identify with that national party."