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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
When Hartselle voters choose their city leaders later this year they will be looking for people to perform many different responsibilities and to perform them at a high level of effectiveness.
1953 -March 4, L. C. Pattillo is chairman of the Hartselle Planning Commission. He was selected for this position by the city council.
1886 -March 5, The city authorities are having shade trees planted along the streets.
1912 -March 6, The Alabama Supreme Court in Montgomery today told Governor O'Neal that he could not remove the first set of Hartselle city commissioners he appointed and replace them with men who actually favor the new form of government adopted by voters here.
1928 -March 6, Fire damaged several stores as well as the Hartselle city hall tonight. Signaling a new spirit of cooperation between the cities of Decatur and Hartselle after decades of intense rivalry, firemen from the River City assisted the Hartselle crew in putting out the blaze.
1936 -March 7, Congressman-elect John Sparkman, a Hartselle native, was in town today conferring with local leaders regarding what he will be able to do for the community when he officially takes over his new position in Washington. Local officials want to establish a good working relationship with the new U.S. representative from the very beginning.
1980 -March 7, Mayor John D. Long is planning to seek re-election to a fourth term as mayor of Hartselle. (Later he reversed this initial decision.)
1975 -March 8, Scotty Maples (who would later serve as Hartselle mayor) will head up Morgan County's new recreation program.
1967 -March 9, Education leaders now have an important job to fill. Dr. Coupland is stepping down as MCHS principal at the end of the school year.
1964 -March 10, The city council has hired Joe Wynn as Hartselle's newest employee.