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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Cold weather is inevitably associated with a greater incidence of illness and death. Many survive and even thrive in this environment, however.
1886 -January 15, Although she is now 82 (and Hartsell's only octogenarian as a matter of fact), "Grandma" Stinson still attends religious services regularly, even teaching the infant class of the Union Sunday school. She takes a special delight in teaching the little ones the truths of the Holy Book. She is a true Christian, and is fully prepared to attend the summons of the great I AM.
1921 -January 16, Tennessee Valley people are deriving considerable satisfaction from the fact that none of the infected cattle found by inspectors recently in the course of their work were discovered in north Alabama.
1953 -January 17, Hartselle schools have been forced to shut down due to the rampant incidence of flu.
1933 -January 18, Efforts are being made to identify the body of a man who was killed when he was struck by an automobile several days ago on the Birmingham highway. The man was described as about 25 years old and weighing about 150 pounds.
2002 -January 19, Hospice of the Valley hopes to be able to offer its grief support program to students enrolled in Hartselle city schools as well as Morgan County schools in the near future.
1935 -January 20, E. F. Pence is currently experiencing extreme pain in his jaw and may have to undergo surgery. (Mr. Pence later served as Hartselle mayor.)
2002 -January 21, Due to its being posted on the internet, Mark Ray, minister of education at Hartselle's First Baptist Church, is now able to share with a much larger audience beyond his own congregation his Christian approach to counseling those facing terminal illness and death. His lesson is entitled, "The Promise of the Resurrection Eliminates Death."
2003 -January 21, Flu and viruses with symptoms similar to flu are taking a heavy toll on Hartselle schools. In excess of 400 students were absent for all or part of the school day on Tuesday.