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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
In recent weeks, fires in California have had near-catastrophic consequences.
1901-November 13, Almost the entire block on the eastern side of the Hartselle depot is a smoldering mass of ruins. At 1 o'clock this morning a building was discovered to be on fire. The fire had already gained considerable headway and the houses being of wood and closely joined it soon spread on either side. There is no fire company here, with the exception of the "bucket brigade." Decatur sent out a fire engine for assistance, but the fire had reached Main Street when it arrived and was at last under control. The total loss is estimated to be $10,000. The origin of the fire is unknown, but is supposed to be the result of a bonfire built by the citizens to celebrate the ratification of the new Constitution.
1942-November 14, The Morgan County Training School was destroyed by fire today. The loss was estimated at $25,000.
1956-November 15, Police Chief Curtis Chaney is increasingly concerned about curious sightseers who follow the fire truck when it makes a run.
1921 -November 16, Charlie Mitchell is currently constructing a new machine shop on the spot where fire destroyed the same kind of an industry belonging to Chester I. Lee.
1948-November 17, Hartselle city leaders are currently wrestling with the question of whether to allow the selling of fireworks during the upcoming Christmas season. Shooting of fireworks as well as storing them for future use pose the danger of fire in addition to personal injuries. One argument against forbidding fireworks is that the city gets much needed revenue from their sale.
1984 – November 18, Santa Claus will arrive on the old Number Nine fire truck on December 7 as the star of a dazzling Hartselle Christmas parade.
1925- November 19, Captain R. A. Burleson is erecting a brick business building south of the J. L. Groover grocery. This used to be the main business section of Hartselle, but hasn't been since the 1916 fire destroyed the old frame buildings and brick structures started to be erected on Main Street.