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Here's to a strong retail season

By Staff
Our Opinion
It was hot, certainly not the weather one thinks of when we start talking about Christmas shopping.
After all, at this weekend's open house, Santa had to have fans next to his chair.
Still, crowds filled Hartselle last weekend for the annual Christmas open house. The event draws shoppers and visitors from around the area and highlights all the things that are wonderful about our city.
Each of those shoppers bring their money to Hartselle, money that means more sales tax receipts and more much-needed revenue for the city.
Area merchants said last weekend's Open House was a rousing success.
Store owners said their shops were full and people were buying.
That's good news not only for the city, but also for our country. Many merchants do a large percentage of their business during the holiday shopping period.
For the past two years, however, holiday sales have been down and the economy has felt the pinch.
This year, however, economists are predicting brisk holiday sales and maybe the first concrete sign that our economy is taking a turn for the better.
We hope so. Strong retail sales and a good economy help us all.
So, merry shopping, all. And remember – shop Hartselle first.