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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
At this point it seems probable that the Republican presidential candidate (presumably George W. Bush) will carry Hartselle and Morgan County in the election a year from now. It is also very likely that incumbent Republican Senator Richard Shelby will run very strong. Such GOP strength is a relatively new phenomenon.
1962-November 6, Democrats controlled all Hartselle boxes in today's general election. The incumbent Democratic Senator Lister Hill got a 3 to 1 margin here.
1904-November 7, There is but little talk here on the eve of the election. The Republicans seem to be taking scant interest in the matter. The county Democratic ticket is without opposition and as a result but a small vote is looked for.
1960-November 8, Democrat John F. Kennedy carried Hartselle by a two-to-one margin in the presidential race today. He received 1,670 votes to Richard Nixon's 952.
1904-November 9, One of the most enthusiastic workers at the polls in Lawrence County for the Democratic ticket today was "Little" General Joe Wheeler who traveled all the way from New York to his old plantation home at Wheeler Station to cast his vote for the Democratic nominees. Friends of General Wheeler say that he, himself, is out of politics, and that he will spend the remainder of his days peacefully in the Tennessee Valley where he owns many thousands of acres of valuable farming land.
1952-November 10, Democratic officeholders who voted for Ike will face a dilemma if, the next time they attempt to run, they are asked to swear that they have been loyal to all Democratic nominees.
1919-November 11, The news that our great Democratic leader President Woodrow Wilson is suffering from a nervous breakdown, which is sufficiently serious to necessitate his taking a real rest, is being received here with great anguish.
1896-November 12, Ab Masterson, wife, and baby, accompanied by Miss Emily Hartsell, came over Sunday and spent the night. Mr. Masterson is one of the chief leaders of Lawrence County Republicans.