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By Staff
Soccer fields create noise for neighbors
I would like to address the topic of the soccer field in our area. I understand that recreation is a part of school activities, be it practice or the actual games.
One of the "nuisances" of this topic is the increased flow of traffic in the area and being "disrespectful" of peoples property that live in the neighborhood. We have seen people driving way too fast on these small back streets.
The kids have been scaling fences onto private property to get balls kicked there. One final comment; the soccer field is not a place for band practice at ten in the evening. It all comes down to being considerate of others.
April Morris
Fire department needs more funds
In this time of politicians on all levels talking about more taxes, we as citizens need to emphasize the spending of our tax dollars wisely. This hasn't always been done, especially here in Hartselle. Priorities and planning in one area has been nothing but talk. The area I am talking about is the Hartselle Fire and Rescue department. It is a shame that some smaller communities have more stations and apparatus than Hartselle does.
It is a shame that our current city fathers have inherited the problem of funding a new station, apparatus, and personnel.
It is ridiculous to have a bond issue to build a station. This should come from the operating budget.
Public safety should be a top priority in local government funding, when clearly in this area it is not. Somewhere over the past years our elected city officials have talked the talk of a new station, but tripped when trying to walk the walk. If the recent fire at Quail Run apartments does not wake anyone up!
On this topic, then I feel this department is still and will be taken for granted. Chief Smith and his personnel are second to none. Period! Highly trained and dedicated.
I strongly urge the taxpayers of this city to get to know your fire department, see what they need, and demand of our city government to work harder to fund and plan for the department's expansion. I strongly urge you to remember this when it comes time to vote in the next general election. Hartselle deserves better, and the professionals of who respond to our fire and rescue calls deserve better as well.
Show them as a community that you care.
Randy Cavnar
Vest's new job is example of problem
Mr. Vest has been hired by Hartselle Utilities at $63,000 a year into a position of chief cook and bottle washer which was never advertiser and interviews granted, a violation of Hartselle City of personnel policies.
An engineering position was converted and $12,000 was added to accommodate Mr. Vest who walks away from his old job with $15,000 severance pay in his pocket, and steps immediately into his new job at $63,000.
If this is not reason enough for the city council to take over Hartselle Utilities I don't know what is. All you Hartselle residents are footing the bills for these shenanigans.
Isn't it time you elect a city council with your interest at heart?
There is a death of engineering capability at HU now and less in the future. What kind of utility board do we have that allows such goings on?
Herb McCarley
Hartselle deserves full-time mayor
Now some apparent facts are finally coming out regarding the termination of the City Administrator Ferrell Vest. Apparently the city council wanted to eliminate that position and, that being the case, fine, that's their prerogative.
The problem is, as always seems to be the case, lack of communication. Had that scenario been known, I dare say many citizens, such as I, would have supported, not condemned, the move.
Nothing against Ferrell Vest but the position of city administrator should never have existed from the beginning.
Sometimes I wonder if this wasn't a "good ole boy" handout.
The city must have a functional mayor, not just a political figurehead, and that position should be paid a reasonable salary. If the mayor needs assistance, a position subordinate to and appropriately salaried below the mayor should be created with duties appropriate to the need but different from mayoral duties.
As a suggestion: add the current mayor and administrator total salaries and split the total 60 percent mayor and 40 percent assistant. I'm all for a 100 percent full time mayor with a full or part time assistant as necessary to handle the administrative details – like researching possible available grants and bird dogging them to a positive conclusion and liaison with all internal/external city functional departments, including Utilities, for maximum coordination, understanding and efficiency.
My apologies to the mayor and city council for shooting from the hip but, if you don't communicate you may be shot mistakenly.
James Nix