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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Bitter feelings relating to personnel changes in city government tend to linger quite a while after decisions are made. While most changes are routine, others, as seen recently, are responsible for much acrimony.
1978 – August 28, Michael Wright has been hired to fill the new position of city administrator. He will perform some of the duties previously performed by the part-time mayor.
1914 – August 28, Under the law governing Hartselle's commission form of government, voters may recall their city leaders if they are disappointed with their stewardship. Otherwise they serve three-year terms.
1922 – August 29, Who will be Hartselle mayor for the next four years? James F. Stewart, a prominent local businessman, is the only candidate for this office in the upcoming elections. In the race for aldermanic seats are S. M. Nelson, Chester I. Lee, R. L. Sherrill, Prewitt Hodges, Ernest Gipson, J. C. Rogers, H. E. Nichols, and S. A. Blair.
1948 – August 30, Noah Webster is still missed by Hartselle residents who saw him frequently on patrol. The former policeman is now with the Wolverine Company in Decatur.
1922 – August 31, State highway authorities are having a dispute with local officials over the route of the new Beeline highway going south from downtown Hartselle. Instead of following winding Barkley Street, the state will insist on a straight course that is due south out of the business district.
1971 – September 1, The new "Miss Conduct, Inc." industry will create jobs for 60-90 people. Location of this plant here is a perfect example of what happens when people work together.
1943 – September 2, J. N. Powell has been employed as city attorney of Hartselle, replacing James Weaver who resigned to accept a position with the Redstone Arsenal.
1949 – September 3, The city water department will run a pipeline to the cemetery for the benefit of the owners who have loved ones buried there. The water is free.
1967 – September 3, A vacancy on the city council will have to be filled by the remaining members. Milton L. Hamon is vacating his position on the governing body.