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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
The MCHS class of 1953 recently had a half-century reunion. These were some of the things which happened when they were getting ready to enter their senior year in school in the summer of 1952.
August 14 – Traffic in the vicinity of MCHS will again be hectic when school begins in the near future. During the next school year, however, all this will change. Some time next fall the U.S. 31 four-lane bypass will be opened and through traffic will be following a new route on the west side of town instead of old 31 through the center of the downtown and high school districts. Many strangers will presumably then hardly be aware of Hartselle's existence.
August 14 – Several MCHS students will be driving new Henry J's when school resumes. This sporty vehicle was introduced to Hartselle back in February.
August 15 – Teen Town, an after-class recreation program created by Rev. T. V. Hatchett, will be available again this school year. (The program ceased early in 1953.)
August 15 – D. W. McNeill's store in downtown Hartselle is doing a booming business as the opening of a new school year faces local mothers needing new clothing for their kids going back to classes.
August 16 – MCHS cheerleaders are beginning to exercise their lungs in preparation for the new football season starting in a few weeks. About 60 yells make up their pep library.
August 17 – MCHS is offering four new subjects this fall: Latin, physics, economic mathematics, and bookkeeping.
August 18-Henry Griffith, Brownie Dean, Billy Hartselle, and Norris Turney will lead the MCHS 4-H Club during the 1952-53 academic year.
August 19 – The Enquirer is in favor of changing the names of Bowery and High School streets to Sparkman Avenue, in honor of Hartselle's most famous son, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Sparkman.
August 20- Local teenagers are anticipating another possible date night if the Ranch Drive-in Theatre goes ahead with its plans to screen movies after dark on Sundays.