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Abercrombie: Not in favor of future sales tax increase

By Staff
Tracy B. Cieniewicz, Hartselle Enquirer
Newly appointed Hartselle City Councilman Alvin Abercrombie didn't get a vote in last week's proposed 1-cent sales tax increase but, if he had, Abercrombie said he would have voted no.
"I would be more for a property tax increase, if voted for by citizens, than a sales tax increase, but I'm really not for any tax increase at all," Abercrombie said. "We don't need to load individuals up with taxes. We need to keep businesses open and people working."
Abercrombie is the owner and founder of Abercrombie Chevrolet in Hartselle. After 38 years of business, Abercrombie said he thought the time was right for someone like himself to represent the community on the city council.
"I didn't know if any other business people would apply," Abercrombie said. "Being in business so long and seeing members of the community everyday, I thought I might be a good mediator between the mayor, the city, and the community."
Abercrombie was appointed by the council to complete the term of Allen Stoner who moved to Decatur 14 months shy of his term's expiration.
"I think he (Stoner) did a good job," Abercrombie said of the former councilman's service to the city. "He was bold and I think he was fair when dealing with the issue of alcohol sales last year."
Abercrombie said he believes Decatur's alcohol sales may lead some retail sales out of Hartselle, but is optimistic that avoiding a sales tax increase will lead even more in.
"The city should generate as much revenue by staying where they're at because Decatur, Moulton, and Cullman have seen recent increases," Abercrombie said.
"People may very well come here to shop because our taxes haven't increased."
The new councilman said he is anxious to work alongside city leaders and is looking forward to seeing Hartselle grow and prosper.
"I appreciate the trust the council has put in me," Abercrombie said. "I'd like to see Hartselle move forward and I'll do whatever I can to help."