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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Buford Kracke Roberts, who passed away recently after a long and extremely full life, was without question one of the most gracious, knowledgeable, and influential women who have graced this community since its founding. Her death leaves a void that cannot be filled. She came from a family whose roots went back to the earliest days of Hartselle and whose influence extended far beyond its boundaries.
1942 – July 31, Buford Kracke of Hartselle has done yeoman work as one of the chairmen for the Victory Book Campaign for Morgan County. This campaign supported the effort to provide good reading materials for the men fighting for their country in Europe and Asia.
1893 – August 1, H. Kracke has quit business in Hartselle, having sold his wagon and repair shop business preparatory to relocating to Guntersville. (Mr. Kracke was the father of Buford Kracke Roberts.)
1955 – August 2, It is obvious that Mrs. E. R. Roberts did a superb job of buying summer merchandise for the E. R. Roberts Store when she visited St. Louis back in April. The goods sold extremely well this season.
2000 – August 3, Hartselle is named after George S. Hartsell Sr., one of the early settlers in the area. Local historian Buford Roberts said Hartsell and Dr. S. L. Rountree debated for whom the city should be named at length. Then Rountree unilaterally said the name should be Hartsell and that settled it.
1935 – August 4, Buford Kracke will resume her studies at Florence State Teachers College when the fall term begins next month.
1998 – August 5, Hartselle people are distressed that UAB plans to tear down the Kracke Building at 1922 Seventh Avenue South in Birmingham. The building was named for Hartselle native Dr. Roy R. Kracke, first dean of the medical school. This eminent physician, who died in June 1950, was the brother of Mrs. E. R. (Buford) Roberts.
1945 – August 6, Buford Kracke, who formerly was a member of the public school faculty, will go soon to Nashville where she will enter Peabody College for a special course in educational work.
1942 – August 7, Buford Kracke will serve as business manager of the public school cafeteria in the upcoming fall school term.
1973 – Buford Roberts' record of community service is the most impressive of any woman in Hartselle.