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By Staff
Farmers should support measure
It is important that farmers in Morgan County are informed about the "Farm to Cafeteria" HB 2626 bill.
What distinguishes this bill is that small and medium sized farms will be connected to schools through a competitive, one-time matching grant given directly to local communities. This grant supports innovation at the local level without creating new administrative burdens on either the school or farmers.
It is important that parents of school children and farmers write, call or fax our representatives in Congress. Request that they support HB2626. For more information, contact the Community Food Security Coalition by calling 202-234-8602.
Jean Tune
Alabama needs more revenue
I love Morgan County. I was born here, my three children were born here, and my husband's business is here.
I teach here, in one of the best public school systems in the state-Hartselle City Schools!
We have so much to be thankful for in this state and in this area. Blessings of nature's resources and gifted and talented people abound. We can do anything we put our hearts and minds to accomplish.
We have elected a governor who has put his whole heart into bringing to the legislature and passing the most comprehensive set of funding reforms this state has seen in more than 100 years-because we told him to!
Now we have a choice.
We have the choice to provide adequate State Troopers whose patrols prevent pile-ups on the I-65 bridge.
We have the choice to take care of the elderly, like my 95-year-old grandmother who would just like to live out her days in peace.
We have a choice to provide job training, industrial development, and a well-educated workforce.
We have the choice to raise up Alabama to the standard of public services and public citizens that will make us all proud to call this state our home.
Choose for Alabama-for all of Alabama. Vote Yes in September because it's the right thing to do!
Sherri Garner Rahm
More people should speak out
After I write letters to this paper, I get numerous good comments from quite a lot of people. They tell me that I am right, not to quit writing, and that they enjoy reading them.
Now it's time for some of them to put their comments on paper. Have you people never heard of "power of the pen"?
I, alone, cannot beat this council and expose all their shenanigans. It takes numerous people.
Are all of my "letter-fans" too scared to voice their opinion? It's time you say what's on your mind.
One person has recently expressed herself but, to my surprise, she did a major flip-flop from what she used to say. She used to slam everyone involved in politics, especially the police, and all other different offices in Hartselle. Guess she finally got up with the Jones. But her opinion is hers, not most other people.
Our city council has not claimed dictatorship, yet. People still have freedom of speech (even in Hartselle).
Clif Knight hasn't been given the king's crown. If so, he would pass it on to the city administrator. For we all know, he cannot do the job required. (I am still trying to grasp why he even ran for mayor.)
In reference to Gene Aittala's letter last week, I would like to say this. There is no way that the city would ever let a private contractor in to remove refuse and take it to the dump.
One, that would be way too simple an idea. Two, they would have lay off some employees, therefore we would not be able to keep up with the other neighboring cities.
Thirdly, I don't think there is anyone in city hall that can count high enough to pay a contractor. After all, they probably went to Hartselle schools.
Mike Dowdy