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By Staff
Park and rec should be cut
I was waiting for the announcement that the city would not pave any roads in Tanner Heights. It's not the first time for this to happen. A few years ago, the former council allocated in their budget to pave some streets in this area. Mysteriously, that fell apart, and instead, another street got paved. That particular street was driven mostly by the elite people of Hartselle.
How many people need to speak up and tell these councilmen how to adequately get the things needed done? Several have said the exact same thing: cut the park and recreation budget in half. If you do that, you will have the funds needed to do street repair. There is absolutely no sensible reason for our city to have such high budget for parks and recreation. I wonder how many of these council people have ever had a business of their own, or know anything about accounting.
Another thing that bothers me, is the wasteful employment. Have you noticed this? You go by an area that the city is working in. There are a half dozen chiefs, and one Indian, (metaphorically), actually doing the work. Everyone should fear somewhat for their jobs.
There is a rumour that someone has designed a shovel that will stand up all by itself. As for Hartselle employees, don't worry too much, we wouldn't have enough money in the budget to purchase such a shovel.
Mike Dowdy
First grader vows to read every day
My name is Aaron Estes. I am 6 years old. I am in the first grade at Falkville Elementary School.
My school is involved in the "Read with Me: RIF Community Reading Challenge." It is fun because I love to read.
My family had a reading relay. It was great! We all took turns reading from the same book.
I am a good reader and plan to keep reading.
Aaron Estes
FES first grader encourages reading
My name is Natalee. I am in fourth grade at Falkville Elementary School. Our school is participating in the "Read with Me: 2003 RIF Community Reading Challenge."
It is a good program. The challenge started on Feb. 18 and will end March 3.
Students in different grades have to read a different amount of hours. My grade needs to read six hours.
I plan to read every day. I would like to be a writer when I grow up. I hope your plans include books too.
Natalee Estes