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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
With the recent death of Dr. Roland King, Hartselle lost a highly skilled medical professional and esteemed community leader.
1947–February 6, Dr. Roland King of Tallassee is now associated with Dr. E. R. Currier in his newly reopened Hartselle dental clinic.
1949-February 7, Dr. Roland King is one of Hartselle's most dedicated aviation enthusiasts. He uses his personal Luscombe plane extensively for both professional and family-related trips.
1957-February 8, Dr. Sittason is now associated with Dr. Roland King's dental clinic.
1958-February 9, Dentists King and Sittason are now practicing at 301 South Sparkman Street.
1952-February 10, Hartselle's beloved physician, Dr. W. H. Lovelady, has entered his 55th year of service to the people of this area.
1908-February 10, Dr. H. C. McRee of Hartselle is the new vice president of the Morgan County Medical society. Dr. S. L. Rountree, one of the principal founders of Hartselle, is county health officer. A third local physician, Dr. T. B. Brindley, is the county poor house physician.
1900-February 11, Dr. Abner Sample is now enjoying at thriving dental practice at Somerville.
1956-February 11, Doctors Duncan and Guyton have started seeing their patients in offices located at Hartselle Hospital.
1886-February 12, The health of Morgan County is good. Consequently, the physicians have nothing to do.
1903-February 12, Dr. Bracken of Flint Station, seven miles north of here on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, has just undergone a painful operation for having a large tumor removed from his back near the spinal column. Drs. Wilson, Kitchens, and Barclift performed the operation, and it proved to be a most successful procedure. Dr. Bracken is doing nicely. He is one of the oldest, most successful, and best known physicians in the county.