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Recycling bins now in place

By Staff
Tracy B. Cieniewicz, Hartselle Enquirer
As the result of a July 2002 agreement with Morgan County Environmental Services, drop-off recycling trailers were placed at three locations in Hartselle last week.
The trailers are located at Old Legion Field on Railroad Street, Hartselle Civic Center on the west side of the parking lot, and Hartselle Jr. High School across the street in the stadium parking lot.
"The recycling trailers will give residents of Hartselle and surrounding areas the opportunity to recycle 24 hours a day, seven days a week," Morgan County Recycling and Environmental Services Manager Brenda Blankenship said. "The trailers are by no means a replacement to weekly curbside pick-ups. They have only been added so residents can recycle at their convenience."
Blankenship said another bonus for drop-off recycling is the opportunity for residents to recycle items that aren't accepted in curbside bins, such as glass and certain paper products.
"Each recyclable item is clearly marked under the door of each bin," Blankenship said. "They include news paper, mixed office paper, steel cans, aluminum cans, glass, #1 PETE plastics, and #2 HDPE plastics. Brown, green, and clear glass is accepted in the glass bin and items like junk mail, magazines, brown paper sacks, and cereal boxes are accepted in the mixed office paper bin."
Mayor Clif Knight said he is glad to see the trailers, and the two new categories, added to Hartselle's recycling program.
"It's a wonderful opportunity for Hartselle residents to keep more glass and paper from ending up in the landfill," Knight said. "With 75 percent of Hartselle residents currently participating in curbside recycling, I am sure the drop-off sites will be successful."
Hartselle's three drop-off recycling trailers, including full-time maintenance, are provided at no cost to the city by Morgan County Environmental Services. The program currently maintains 13 other drop-off recycling sites across Morgan County.
"This program is a great service to the people and communities in Hartselle and across Morgan County," Morgan County Commissioner Larry Bennich said. "I am sure the new drop-off sites in Hartselle will be of great benefit to a number of residents."
Blankenship said instructions for drop-off recycling are located on the front and back of each bin. Each of the three bins will be emptied twice weekly. There is no disposal area for non-recyclable materials at the sites.
"The trailers are constantly maintained, so debris has not been a problem at other sites," Blankenship said. "However, should a problem arise, residents are asked to call 773-3465 to make us aware of the problem. It will be taken of immediately."