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By Staff
Taxation plan is flawed
There have been several news media and supposed expert opinions, pro and con, regarding President Bush's proposed economic incentive package. That facet of the proposal seemingly drawing the greatest attention is the removal of taxation on dividends, a gift to the rich under the guise of double taxation.
Jack Anderson's recent editorial on the subject stated taxation of dividends is in fact double taxation. However, this editorial was not one of his typically objective presentation, giving a politically correct version of an example which provided only inconclusive unconvincing evidence supporting that position.
In his editorial regarding the subject, William Strawberry stated dividends may possibly be double taxation but, if so, it then logically follows that taxing bonuses would be double taxation also. How can anyone deny this?
So, logically pursuing this analogy, it follows that the taxing of any source of income on which taxes have been paid previously represents double taxation and should be eliminated.
For example, John and Jane Doe have a combined annual income of $50,000 upon which they dutifully pay the prescribed amount of income tax to all appropriate taxing authorities. Fortunately this leaves them a small positive balance. However, they need a new roof on their house, so they take this positive balance and hire a roofer to do the job.
John and Jane have already paid all taxes due on the money they paid the roofer so, it follows, the roofer owes no additional tax, right?
Same analogy applies to the grocery store. What is wrong with our leaders? Where is their reasoning? Totally a political gimmick. If it looks like, walks like and sounds like a duck, it's a duck!
James L. Nix
Donations needed for school project
The sixth grade science class at Hartselle Jr. High School has been working on an outdoor classroom at the Tabernacle.
In addition to the students, many people in the community have volunteered their time, services, and materials.
Everyone I have asked to help with the project has been more than willing to give of their time or materials.
Ike Grover completed the legal work and Bob Woodruff helped us identify the boundaries. The students cleaned the site and cleared the path for the trails while the parents donated their time to supervise this work.
The city of Hartselle sent crews to pick up what we had cleaned up and also delivered mulch. Solutia donated Roundup. Roger Nichols helped with the identification of trees, Brad Bole helped us get a grant for the purchase of trees and other supplies, and S &S Nursery donated trees.
Mike Reeves helped with enlisting the help of the Morgan County Master Gardeners who supervised the planting of the trees by the students.
Tommy Ed Roberts gave us a grant that helped purchase materials for our first bridge.
Tom and Clay Brown built the second bridge and Hartselle Utilities donated and delivered old power poles to be used in this construction. James Hayes has volunteered to help set these poles.
Harry Newman has volunteered to dig out the old spring and get it flowering again.
The Birmingham Botanical Gardens has offered the use of their equipment in making plant markers.
In order to finish this project, we need additional money to purchase materials to build the last bridge. The cost of this bridge should be between $700-$1,000.
If there is an individual or organization that would like to donate to this project, please contact me at HJHS, 773-4907.
Our students have worked very hard on this facility. When it is finished, it will be something the entire school system and community can use and be proud of.
Debbie Smith
Hartselle Jr. High School