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Historical district in need of new markers

By Staff
Tracy B. Cieniewicz, Hartselle Enquirer
The Hartselle Historical Society wants to replace deteriorating wood historical markers from the yards of homes in the East Main Street Historic District with weatherproof markers.
"We're looking into iron signs because of their durability," Terri Norwood of the Hartselle Historic Society said. "We've consulted with Decatur's Historical Society and are in the process of getting price quotes for signs similar to what they use."
Norwood, who lives in the historic Travis Home, said the marker for her house has been in disrepair for quite some time.
"The paint has faded and has started peeling," Norwood said. "It just plain looks bad." Other historic homeowners agree with Norwood. The historic markers for many of their homes are in the same state of disrepair. Some of the markers are even missing.
Norwood and David Burleson, treasurer, presented the "Historic Signs for Historic Homes" program last October at the Hartselle Historical Society annual membership meeting.
According to Hartselle Historical Society records, 22 homes are listed in the East Main Street Historic District. Sign replacement will be made available to contributing homes in the existing residential historic district boundaries.
"The project will mainly affect 13 homes on East Main Street from the Oden Home to the Old Booth Place," Norwood said. "Historic district boundaries are clearly defined, so not every home on Main Street will qualify."
Norwood said she and fellow society member Catherine Halbrooks will soon begin a door-to-door inquiry of qualifying homeowners to see if they wish to purchase one of the new signs. To see if your home qualifies or to notify the Hartselle Historical Society of your decision to purchase a new marker, call Norwood at 773-3011 or Halbrooks at 773-8406.
Norwood said once the historical marker project is complete, the Hartselle Historical Society will file the necessary paperwork to have Hartselle's residential historical district placed on the National Register.
"The East Main Street Historic District is currently on the state historical register," Norwood said. "Our goal is to have it, like the business district, one day be placed on the national historic register."