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Moves, changes and one bad experience

By Staff
Nick Johnston, Hartselle Enquirer
I started it in Durant, OK. I finished it in Hartselle.
The year 2002 brought many changes and moves. It also involved one horrendous experience.
Nevertheless, I feel this is always a great time of year. You get to start over, start something new or start doing something better.
It's a time to watch what seems to be an endless stream of bowl games. It's a time to gain a few pounds and resolve to lose them at the same time.
It's a time to look at the future.
I'm usually one of those who like to think what the next day will present; what new challenges I will face. I don't usually dwell in the past, but with a year like I had in 2002, I can't help but think back.
In late January, I, along with my wife, Autumn, packed our things and moved back to Alabama from Oklahoma. I spent one year in the "Sooner State." A great year, actually.
But, it was time to move on. It was time to explore a new opportunity with a new newspaper. It was time for the next challenge.
But most of all, it was time to make my wife happy and move her back close to her family members in Gadsden, Alabama.
Moving back close to family members was a great move. I wish I could say the same about the move to the new newspaper.
There will be no name calling, though I have several names for this particular publication.
After leaving this newspaper, I found out that it was the laughing stock of newspapers in Alabama. I am ashamed of being associated with it, though I like to think it was better during my time there.
The newspaper had not seen a sports section in nine years until I arrived. It will likely not have a sports section for another nine years when another sucker comes along.
It was not very long after calling it quits I received an e-mail from The Hartselle Enquirer. The rest is six-months worth of history.
So, in 2002, I wrote one goodbye column and two hello columns. I lived in three different places and worked for three different newspapers in two separate states. I have covered every type of sporting event.
But if I have it my way, the year 2003 will not involve a move or goodbye column.
I have a feeling 2003 will be my best year, yet.
I look forward to continue working with all the area coaches and parents in the new year. Feel free to visit me at The Enquirer anytime or call 773-6566.