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A look back

By Staff
Christmas memories for 2002 have now been made. Here are some reflections, happy and sad, from previous Yuletides.
1895-December 26, Christmas Day-the day of all days-the gladdest and best of the year-has come and gone for this year and is now numbered with those of the past. Among the people of this community it passed quietly, but was regarded with no less fervency or reverence than in former years.
1906-December 27, Sheriff-elect Tom Shipp will remember this Christmas not only because of winning the sheriff's office but also because of all the fish he has caught with the trap he has on Flint creek. He has caught nearly 600 pounds recently.
1934-December 28, The Van Pattillo family on East Main Street is rejoicing in the birth of their new baby boy whom they have named Ralph Nathan.
1910-December 29, Prominent young Hartselle businessman J. A. Gilliland of the firm of Williams &Gilliland has a new bride today. The widower has married Miss Lena Boyce Black of Memphis.
1929-December 30, "I consider Hartselle unsurpassed as a trade center for farmers," Eugene P. Smith of Hartselle, a visitor to Birmingham told that city's News. Mr. Smith also told the paper, "Some building is in progress which I consider a very good sign, under present business conditions throughout the country. We're having a new theatre built, also a new hotel." This town's leaders are happy with this good publicity.
1929-December 31, New Year's Eve was celebrated uproariously tonight at the local movie theater with a midnight show entitled "Swing Sister, Swing."
1956-December 31, Comer Henderson put in his last day as Hartselle fire chief today.
1989-January 1, Members of Hartselle's First Baptist Church feel that, with God's guidance, they made a wonderful choice for their new pastor. Ron Wilson preached his first sermon to the congregation today and they were thrilled with the message from Scripture they heard.
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)