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BHS game deserved a big headline Friday

By Staff
Nick Johnston, Hartselle Enquirer
I can see the headline now – The Mooneyham Miracle or Brett beats buzzer for Brewer win.
It would have been the lead in a Friday newspaper. The Brewer Patriots went into Guntersville and won on Brett Mooneyham's layup with no time remaining. It was a great game with a great finish.
However, since the game happened one week ago, it's tough to do a big story on it. It's old news, right?
One disadvantage I have as sports editor of a weekly newspaper is reporting news that could have happened a week ago, or longer.
So, the problem I have is deciding how to report on a game such as the one with Brewer against Guntersville, the game one week ago.
I could start out by telling you how unrelenting the Wildcats defense performed. I could tell you Guntersville was always running, always pressing.
But, I could also tell you Brewer was up to the challenge. The lead changed hands 12 times, as the Patriots seemed to answer every Wildcat rally.
Lemont Jackson seemed to always provide a spark when the Patriots needed it most. Jackson scored 22 points and led a 15-0 run spanning from late in the third quarter through the fourth.
Still, Brewer couldn't stand the prosperity, as it gave up a 10-point lead. Guntersville took a 58-57 advantage with 1:18 remaining, but Jackson's four free throws down the stretch made the score 61-58.
Did I mention how unrelenting the Wildcats were?
Guntersville's Tripp Logan hit a three pointer with 10.6 seconds remaining to tie the game at 61-all with a three-pointer.
That set into motion one of the finest finishes I had seen this basketball season, as Dustin Scott told his teammates to spread out and leave Mooneyham under the basket. The pass was picture perfect, and so was the move by Mooneyham, as the Patriots won 63-61.
I said earlier the headline might have been The Mooneyham Miracle, but in reality, it wasn't a miracle. I've seen Mooneyham make that shot all year long. This time, it just happened to give the Patriots a thrilling win.
After Mooneyham's shot fell though the twine, all the energy in Guntersville's gym fell to the floor like candy from a pinata after being slammed with a bat.
But, how do I as sports editor of a weekly newspaper, portray a game like this that happened a week ago?
It's tough, almost impossible.
But this game deserved a big story with two or three pictures. It was a great game between two great teams.
Nick Johnston can be reached at 773-6566.