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A look back

By Staff
Many families are looking forward to visits from loved ones with the approaching Christmas holidays.
1954-December 5, Scotty Stone, a student at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Va., will be in Hartselle soon to spend the Christmas vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stone, Jr.
1915-December 6, The sale of Christmas seals is in progress here under the auspices of the Morgan County Anti-Tuberculosis movement. Proceeds will be used to employ a trained nurse after the first of the year to assist in the eradication of the Great White Plague in the county.
1932-December 6, As Christmas approaches I. T. Quinn, state commissioner of game and fish, is calling on schoolteachers to stress the importance of protecting song and insectivorous birds. Many boys over the state will be tempted to "try out" the rifles and small arms they receive as Christmas presents by shooting at these birds.
1997-December 7, Hartselle wildlife artist Larry Chandler is at work creating a gift for President Clinton. The portrait will be of Mr. Clinton and his puppy, Buddy.
1925-December 8, Moonshine stills in this area are in round-the-clock operation as the peak-demand Christmas holidays draw near. One area in which stills are especially numerous is the Fox Creek section, near the Morgan and Lawrence County boundary line.
1935-December 9, The extension poultry specialist advises farmers in selling their turkeys for Christmas dining that they should keep back some of their best early birds for breeding purposes.
1927-December 10, It is expected that the long-awaited new bridge across the Tennessee River in Decatur will be opened for use by Christmas Day.
1942-December 11, Hartselle is not as bright this Christmas season. Due to the wartime emergency situation, outdoor decorative lighting isn't being allowed this year. It is not expected that this situation will change until the war is won.
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)