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School board staying quiet on "Student X"

By Staff
Staff Reports, Hartselle Enquirer
Members of the Hartselle Board of Education are staying quiet on disciplinary action taken against a city high school student who allegedly violated the system's drug and alcohol policy.
The student, referred to in board documents as "Student X," is a member of Hartselle High School's baseball team.
In a written statement, board members confirmed they had conducted a disciplinary hearing concerning the student. Board members met behind closed doors for several hours last week to discuss the matter.
In the statement, board members said "after deliberating and considering the evidence heard during such disciplinary proceedings, the board has reached a decision in the matter which has been reduced to writing…"
The release does not detail the offense of the student or the punishment involved, except to say the matter was decided "in accordance with the terms and provisions of a written decision."
In the statement, board members said the written decision "constitutes an education record; (and) shall not become a part of the minutes of this meeting; and shall be distributed only in accordance with the terms and provisions set forth in said order in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the board's own policy relating to such records."
Earlier this year, two members of the baseball team collapsed in a high school hallway. Board members initially said drugs weren't involved in the collapse, but tests later showed one of the students tested positive for marijuana. The uproar over the incident prompted the school board to adopt drug testing for all students involved in extra-curricular activities.
The board's policy also outlines the punishment for students testing positive for drugs or alcohol.
At the time, some board members were criticized for releasing information in connection with the incident, which also prompted questions from the Hartselle City Council, with some members calling for the resignation of School Superintendent Dr. Lee Hartsell.
Hartsell declined comment on the most recent matter, deferring to the board's statement.