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By Staff
Alcohol won't change city
I am so tired of this wet/dry dispute. I will be glad when it is over on Nov. 5. I feel that the people in Hartselle who drink, whether Hartselle goes wet or not, will continue to give their money to Decatur and they will profit from it. Hartselle staying dry will not stop the people who drink in Hartselle. I don't see anything that bad with Decatur, like people are saying. I don't see drunks laying on the streets like they say will be in Hartselle on Main Street if the city goes wet. I just wanted to voice my opinion about this and wish everyone would quit fighting about it.
Michelle Maples
Liquor will change city
Hartselle City Councilman Frank Jones was quoted as follows; "I've had several people to tell me that they would vote for the referendum if they were assured that there would be no lounges". Do these people not realize that just as the council can adopt this ordinance if the referendum passed, that they can just as easily adopt changes to the ordinance in the future as the urge occurs?
This referendum is not being pressed to put money into the city coffers, but into the bank accounts of merchants that hope to be able to sell the alcohol. For those that have to have alcohol it is handy enough to obtain.
I would hate to be responsible for putting more drunk drivers on the road, but I feel that a yes vote is a vote for that happening. Could you as a parent live with the fact of voting yes, then seeing one of your children injured or killed by a drunk driver?
George W. Southard
Find out the truth and vote yes
My husband and I have stayed relatively quiet throughout this process of trying to help our town by legalizing alcohol. We have spoken when spoken to and answered questions when asked. But the time has come to speak up. The so-called organization against alcohol are not giving accurate facts in order to persuade people to vote their way.
The whole idea of creating ordinances is to make sure this thing is done right. It is worded in a way to prevent night clubs and strip joints and to keep a distance from churches and schools. Anyone can go to city hall and I urge people to do that to find out the truth.
Yes, these things can be changed by another council down the road but it won't be an easy process.
Another fact is that Hartselle does need the money. Anyone in Hartselle could have attended the meetings on the budget. Ask any city officials – that was not an easy task. So much has to be done and there was so little money to be doing it with.
I would also like to ask the organization for a safe Hartselle what are your requirements for joining your organization? Do you have to think like them or what? I approached one of the leaders and told him I have a family and it was very important for me to keep Hartselle safe. He told me he would talk to me but he didn't know when. What does that mean? Do I not meet his standards?
They have said our police department would have to be retrained if Hartselle goes wet. I have seen Hartselle's police department at work and I think they are trained to handle all situations. They do a wonderful job.
As for revenue – the possibilities are endless. The city received $1.17 per case of beer brought into the city before it's even sold. Then, you have the sales tax it generates on other items purchased since they can get their alcohol here. People going to the foot of the mountain to get their beer, etc. will also get their gas, cold drinks, ice, etc. while they are there.
I'm sure it will enhance the interstate area with added attractions of motels, restaurants, etc.
I don't know about everyone else, but I would like somewhere to eat in Hartselle besides fast food. Just think – there will also be more jobs created.
I could go on and on but I'm going to finish up by asking everyone to exercise their rights and go vote.
Just remember – it's your business how you vote and no one elses. You have to decide for yourself not because you feel pressured to vote a certain way.
Dennis and Lora Ramey