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Traffic safety, business to improve with light

By Staff
Tracy L. Brady, Hartselle Enquirer
Traffic will soon come to a halt at I-65 and Highway 36, but hopefully so will accidents and near misses.
Morgan County District 2 Commissioner Faye Sparkman, Sen. Tommy Ed Roberts and Hartselle Mayor Clif Knight received approval this week from ALDOT to install a traffic light at the intersection of I-65 and Highway 36.
"We see the problem here everyday," Sparkman said. "The bridge obstructs the view of drivers in normal sized vehicles when exiting the interstate and turning left into Hartselle. It's an ongoing traffic problem and we are very grateful the state surveyed this dangerous area and approved the new light."
According to Knight, the price of the traffic signal will be shared by the city, county and state. The city has committed to one-half of the total cost.
"We are ecstatic that the need for the traffic light has been justified by the state," Knight said. "The light will not only improve traffic safety, but also promote interstate business for Hartselle."
Sparkman, Roberts and Knight have each received many calls from motorists and business concerned about the number of accidents and near misses at the intersection.
"The sooner we get the light, the better the situation will be," Roberts said.
A date for installation of the traffic light will be announced at a later time.