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City needs
alcohol sales
Yes. Alcohol sales should be allowed in the city of Hartselle. Please, take one step forward into the 21st Century. Also extend the hours at the library, coffee shop, book store, etc. This is a beautiful city. As a new resident, I would love to be able to enjoy all you have to offer and get to meet you.
Carla McKenzie
Child killers deserve nothing
I emphatically state that this is no punishment severe enough for a child killer. An epidemic is upon us. Evil perpetrators, who are stealing and killing children, over 7,000 children (including the state of Alabama) were reported missing in 2001. Many were runaways that returned home. Many vanished off the face of the earth. Some were found dead.
Samantha Runnion, who was a 5-year-old from California was sexually assaulted and suffocated. Ten-year-old Evan Parker, who resided in Moulton, was brutally murdered while on a visit to Indiana. Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart from Salt Lake City, Utah was abducted from her own bedroom. One of the most bizarre vanishings took place in Florida. Five-year-old Rilya Wilson was missing for 15 months before her welfare caseworker realized it in April of this year. The very people who are supposed to take care of children lied about the visits that never took place.
No one is talking. Sixty children in the state of Florida who had previous contact with the child welfare system died of abuse or neglect in 2001.
The worst case scenarios are children dying at the hands of their own parents. While writing this article, four more children were viciously murdered.
I've heard every excuse for perverts and child killers. I'm not buying it. Shed no tears for these monsters. Shed tears for the lost childhood.
Jimmy Robinson