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By Staff
Vandalism causes problems
We are new to Hartselle as homeowners and I am disappointed in people at this time. We are old and retired and we don't need to be harassed by anyone, especially by whoever has decided to beat our large, new mailbox to pieces so we can't close it anymore.
Whoever did it can replace it.
If it's kids, then the parents can do it. Spare the rod and spoil the kids.
Too many people have no respect for other people's property.
Roy and Barbara Glenn
HMC saves another life
This is the second time the Hartselle Medical Center's emergency room has saved one of our family members. My mother-in-law, Mary Douglas, was first on10-25-01. Now it's my husband Perry Douglas (Mary's son). We were passing
Through Hartselle on the way to my mother's funeral and to leave our dog with
Mary as we had done dozens of times before.
This was on 6-24-02, I arrived at Mary's before my husband who was driving down Highway 157. He started feeling some chest pain around Moulton, but it stopped. Perry continued on toward Hartselle.When he pulled into Mary's driveway he said "Take me to the hospital" I called 911 and things began to happen. In five minutes or so the ambulance arrived and of course the medics began to feed data to the ER doctor and doing what the doctor told them.
When he arrived at the hospital he was taken in and checked out
Quickly, others were in the waiting room helping me make calls about what
happened and our change in plans.When the ER doctor came out to tell what he believed was wrong, he told us he had already called for the med-copter to fly Perry to Huntsville Hospital (a regional hospital)one the best trauma hospitals in northern Alabama.
I could not have asked for more helpful and caring people.Thanks to them and God we are back at home and doing well.
Janice Douglas
Olive Branch,Miss.