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Hartselle swimmer medal at Madison

By Staff
The Hartselle Hurricanes collected five gold medals at the Madison Invitational Swim meet. They carried only 13 swimmers and also grabbed six silver and three bronze and four team members advanced to A-time competition.
Teams from Decatur, Boaz, Scottsboro, Guntersville, Madison, Albertville and Fort Payne took part in the meet.
In individual results:
8-and-under: Girls: 7A, Rachel Fredricks. Boys: 13B, Galen Smith.
9-10: Girls: 2B, Kayla Wilson.
11-12: Boys: 8B, Austin Johnson.
13-14: Girls: 5A, Whitney Hayes; 2B, Tiffany Ashworth. Boys: 4A, Tyler Willis.
15-18: Boys: 3B, Zach Blanton.
9-10: Girls: 1A, K. Wilson; 11B, Jorden Barnette.
11-12: Boys: 8B, A. Johnson.
13-14: Girls: 1B, T. Ashworth. Boys: 2B, Caleb Blanton.
8-and-under: Girls: 6B, Heather Smith; 6A, R. Fredricks.
9-10: Girls: 11B, J. Barnette.
11-12: Boys: 6B, Michael Fredricks.
13-14: Boys: 1B, C. Blanton.
8-and-under: Girls: 2B, Tori Wilson; 9B, H. Smith.
13-14: Boys: 2B, T. Willis.
15-16: Boys: 3B, Z. Blanton.
8-and-under: Girls: 4B, R. Fredricks.
13-14: Girls: 1B, W. Hayes; Boys: 4A, T. Willis.
15-18: Boys: 1B, Z. Blanton.
8-and-under: Girls: 3B, H. Smith.
13-14: Girls: 5B, W. Hayes. Boys: 2B, C. Blanton.