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Recycling gets six-month stay

By By Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
Curbside recycling is receiving a six-month reprieve.
The Hartselle City Council voted Tuesday to extend its curbside recycling program with BFI for six months.
The future of curbside recycling was jeopardized earlier this year when the city voted to change its garbage service to Morgan County Environment-al Services. Environmental Services does not currently provide curbside recycling.
The city's current curbside recycling program was set to expire July 14.
The new BFI agreement includes a charge of $1.90 per month for curbside recycling. Hartselle Utilities will add 18 cents per bill for handling the paperwork.
Environmental Services will charge $9.50 per month for garbage collection, bringing the total cost to $11.58. City officials voted to round that total up to $11.60.
Currently, residents pay $11 a month for garbage pick-up and curbside recycling.
Mayor Clif Knight is working with Decatur and Morgan County officials to secure funding for curbside recycling in Hartselle. If he is successful, that charge could drop or even be eliminated.
During the six-month extension, city officials will be seeking bids on providing curbside service. Among the options being considered is letting residents subscribe to curbside recycling service, so only those who use the program would be charged.
The city's decision to extend recycling followed an outcry from local citizens who said they wanted the program to continue.