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Hot Shots outlast Red Hots for Darlings lead

By Staff
The Hot Shots and the Red Hots fought tooth and toenail for the top of the Darlings standings, but the Hot Shots finally emerged on the top of the mountain.
The Hot Shots jumped on the Tiger Paws early and held a 11-2 lead before the Tiger Paws erupted for a seven-run rally in the third inning. The Hot Shots responded with four more runs to write their margin of victory.
Hot Shots: Erin Elledge 1b (2); K. Gentle HR, 1b (2); Ashley Bonner 3b (3); Megan Smith 1b (3); Jessie Livingston 2b, 1b (2); Cassidy Mayfield 1b (2); Mary Beth Ryan 2b, 1b (2); Savannah Hogan 1b (2); A. Henson 1b (3); M.G. Ward 1b (3).
Tiger Paws: E. Russell 3b, 1b (2); E. Nix 2b (2); A. Staudt 1b (2); E. Terry 2b, 1b; J. Thompson 1b; A.A. Glasgow 1b (2); C. Chappell 1b; Heather Waddell 1b (2); Courtney Echols 1b (2); D. Terry 2b, 1b; Madison Gillett 1b; B. Cobb 1b.
Two runs in the bottom of the fifth turned the trick for the Stars in a game that was tight from the opening.
Stars: H. Patterson 1b; L. Robinson 2b, 1b; B. Martin 1b (2); H. Howard 1b (2); J. Holladay 1b; P. Patterson 3b, 2b; Jordan Wallace 2b; A.A. Johns 3b; K. Patel 2b, 1b.
Broadway Babes: Elizabeth Pheny 3b, 1b (2); Jena Locklear 1b (2); Jacquie Shadden 3b, 2b; Kaylon King 1b (2); Tyler Nance 2b, 1b (2); Mallory Nelson 1b (3); Hannah Bates 1b (2); Haley Miller 2b; Alycia Timm 1b; Tori Latham 1b.
The Snag-n-Tag ran a series of come-from-behind rallies to come up with the win. They broke a 5-5 deadlock with a four-run rally that the Stars couldn't match.
Snag-n-Tag: Amber Hicks HR, 2b, 1b; Savannah Holmes 2b (2); Olivia Golden 3b, 1b (2); Sierra Chaney 1b; O. Ellis 1b; Riley Wallace 1b (2); Baylee Bennich 1b (2); Chelsea Whitley 1b (2).
Stars: H. Patterson 1b (2); L. Robinson HR, 1b; B. Martin 3b, 1b (2); H. Howard 1b; P. Patterson 1b; J. Wallace 1b (2); M. Gassaway 1b; H. Sharp 2b; A.A. Jones 1b; K. Patel 1b (2).
After falling behind early, the Babes burst into the lead with a seven-run rally in the top of the third inning. They plated six more runs in the fourth and capped their onslaught with two in the fifth. While the Purple Hornets stayed close early they couldn't match the late scoring of the Babes.
Broadway Babes: E. Pheny 2b, 1b (2); J. Locklear 1b (4); J. Shadden HR, 2b, 1b; K. King 1b (3); T. Nance 2b, 1b (2); Tori Miller 2b (2), 1b (2); M. Nelson 3b, 1b (2); H. Bates 1b; H. Miller 3b, 1b (2); A. Timm 3b (2), 1b; T. Latham 1b (2).
Purple Hornets: Sara Shirley 2b, 1b (2); Katelyn Hill 2b (3); Peyton Reeves 1b (2); Kelly Ramey 3b, 1b; Kathryn Kirkham 1b; Morgan Whitley 1b (2); Jamie Raines 1b; Lexi Greene 1b; Jessica Lewis 1b (2); C. Willingham 1b.
The Stars and the Red Hots matched each other run for run through the first two innings, but the Stars pulled into the lead in the final two innings. They held a one-run lead after three, but pulled away with a seven-run rally in the fourth.
Stars: Leah Robinson HR, 3b (2), 1b; Breanna Martin 1b (2); Jessie Wallace 1b (2); Haley Patterson HR, 2b; Julia Holladay 1b (2); Peyton Patterson 1b; Maci Gassaway 2b, 1b (2); Anna Craig HR, 1b; Audrey Ann Johns 2b, 1b; Krina Patel 3b, 2b (2); Haleigh Sharp 1b (3).
Red Hots: Arin Eddy 2b, 1b (2); Kayla Faulk 1b (2); Allie Hill 1b (2); Savanne Howard 2b, 1b (2); J. Wallace 2b, 1b (2); Chelsea Legg 1b (2); Tori Halbrooks 1b (3); Shelby Ray 2b, 1b; Jeni Abercrombie 2b, 1b; Hayley Grove 1b (2).
The Hot Shots built an early lead, but had to come up with four runs late to hold off the Tiger Paws, who plated runners in every inning.
Hot Shots: K. Gentle 2b, 1b (2); E. Elledge 3b, 1b (2); A. Bonner 3b, 2b, 1b; M. Smith 2b, 1b (2); J. Livingston 1b (2); C. Mayfield 2b, 1b (2); B. Steadman 2b, 1b (2); M.B. Ryan 1b (3); S. Hogan 1b (2); A. Henson 1b; M.G. Ward 1b (3); Haven Dean 1b.
Tiger Paws: E. Russell HR, 2b, 1b; A. Staudt 2b, 1b (2); E. Nix 3b, 1b; E. Terry 1b; J. Thompson HR, 1b; A.A. Glasgow 2b, 1b (2); C. Chappell 2b, 1b; H. Waddell 1b (3); C. Echols 1b (2); D. Terry 1b (2); M. Gillett 3b, 1b.
The too "hottest" teams in the league met head-to-head and the scoreboard reflected their firepower. Ironically the margin of victory was produced in the first inning as the Hot Shots shutout the Red Hots for one inning while plating seven runs.
Hot Shots: K. Gentle HR, 2b, 1b; E. Elledge 3b, 1b (2); A. Bonner HR, 1b; M. Smith 3b, 1b (2); J. Livingston 1b (3); C. Mayfield 1b (2); B. Steadman 1b (2); M.B. Ryan 1b (2); S. Hogan 1b (2); A. Henson 2b, 1b (2); M.G. Ward 2b, 1b (2).
Red Hots: A. Eddy 1b (3); K. Faulk 3b, 1b (2); A. Hill 1b (2); S. Howard 1b (2); J. Wallace HR, 1b; T. Halbrooks 3b, 1b (2); C. Legg 1b (3); J. Abercrombie 2b (2), 1b; H. Grove 2b, 1b (2); Hannah Echols 2b, 1b; H. Stiles 1b.
The Snag-n-Tag held the Hornets to one run in each of the first three innings while plating multiple runs of their own.
Snag-n-Tag: Kayla Coots 2b, 1b (3); A. Hicks 2b, 1b (3); S. Holmes 2b, 1b (3); O. Golden 3b (2), 2b, 1b; S. Chaney 1b (2); Chelsea Whitlow 1b (2); B. Bennich 1b; O. Ellis 1b; Jessica O'Neil 1b; R. Wallace 2b, 1b.
Purple Hornets: S. Shirley 2b (2); K. Hill 3b; P. Reeves 2b, 1b; J. Raines 1b; J. Lewis 1b.
The Broadway Babes plated six runs in three different innings and capped their scoring with a three-run outing. The Red Hots managed two runs in each of three innings, but the Babes just kept pulling away.
Broadway Babes: E. Pheny 3b (2), 1b (2); J. Locklear HR, 1b (2); J. Shadden HR, 1b (2); K. King 1b (4); T. Miller 1b; M. Nelson 2b, 1b (2); H. Miller HR, 1b (2); T. Latham 1b (2); A. Timm 2b, 1b.
Red Hots: A. Eddy 1b (2); K. Faulk 1b; A. Hill 1b; S. Howard 3b, 1b; J. Wallace 2b, 1b; C. Legg 1b; J. Abercrombie 1b; H. Grove 1b; H. Echols 1b.
The Tiger Paws and Snag-n-Tag played to a 10-10 deadlock at the end of four innings, but the Paws came up with a four-run rally in the top of the fifth and then played shutout defense for the win.
Tiger Paws: Elizabeth Russell 2b, 1b (2); Emily Nix 2b, 1b; Ali Staudt HR (2), 1b; Lizzy Terry 1b (3); Jessie Thompson 1b (2); Alice Anne Glasgow 1b (2); Caroline Chappell 1b; H. Waddell 1b (3); C. Echols 1b (3); Denise Terry 1b; M. Gillett 3b, 1b.
Snag-n-Tag: K. Coots 1b; A. Hicks 2b, 1b (2); S. Holmes 2b, 1b; O. Golden HR, 1b; S. Chaney 3b; J. O'Neil 2b; B. Bennich 1b; Olivia Ellis 1b; C. Whitley 1b; Aubrey Eve 1b (2).
The Hot Shots and the Babes played a back-and-forth contest that was decided in the fifth inning when the Hot Shots scored two runs to break a 15-15 tie and followed with a shutout bottom half of the inning on defense.
Hot Shots: K. Gentle HR, 1b; E. Elledge 3b, 1b (2); A. Bonner 2b (2), 1b (2); M. Smith 1b (3); J. Livingston 1b (3); C. Mayfield 3b, 1b (2); S. Hogan 1b (2); M.B. Ryan 1b (2); H. Dean 3b.
Broadway Babes: E. Pheny 1b (2); J. Locklear 1b; J. Shadden 3b, 1b; K. King 1b (3); T. Nance 2b, 1b; T. Miller 1b (3); M. Nelson 2b; H. Miller 2b; T. Latham 1b (2); A. Timm 2b, 1b; H. Bates 1b; Bailey Scogins 1b.
The Red Hots toasted the Purple Hornets for 21 runs in three innings, while the Hornets managed to put 12 across home in the same time.
Red Hots: A. Eddy 1b (3); J. Wallace 1b (3); K. Faulk 3b (2), 1b (2); S. Howard HR, 3b, 1b; J. Abercrombie 2b, 1b (2); A. Hill 2b, 1b (2); C. Legg 3b, 1b (2); H. Grove 2b, 1b; H. Echols 1b (2).
Purple Hornets: S. Shirley 2b, 1b (2); K. Hill HR, 3b, 1b; P. Reeves 1b (3); K. Ramey 1b (2); K. Kirkham 1b; M. Whitley 1b (2); L. Greene 1b; Monique Billups 1b; Melissa Paul Hill 1b.
The Purple Hornets came out stinging in the first game of the Darlings post-season tournament. They took a 5-3 lead over the Babes in the first inning and boosted their lead by one run in the second. The Babes battled back with six runs in the top of the third taking the lead. But the Hornets plated two more in the bottom half to stay within one run. The Babes extended their advantage to two runs in their next at-bat, but the Hornets unleashed an eight-run barrage to claim the victory.
Purple Hornets: S. Shirley 1b (4); M. Whitley 1b (4); K. Hill 2b, 1b (2); P. Reeves 1b (3); K. Ramey 1b (2); J. Raines 2b, 1b (2); L. Greene 1b (3); K. Kirkham HR, 1b; M. Billups 1b; J. Lewis 2b.
Broadway Babes: E. Pheny 1b; J. Locklear 2b, 1b (2); J. Shadden 1b (2); K. King 1b (3); T. Nance 2b, 1b (2); M. Nelson 2b, 1b; T. Miller 1b; A. Timm 1b (2); T. Latham 2b; H. Miller 1b.
The Snag-n-Tag came from behind and worked their way to a 15-8 lead as the Tiger Paws came to their final bat. The Paws mustered a four-run rally to pull within two runs before the Snag-n-Tag could shut them down and ice the win.
Snag-n-Tag: K. Coots 2b, 1b (2); A. Hicks 3b, 1b (2); S. Holmes 2b, 1b; O. Golden HR, 1b; S. Chaney 1b; J. O'Neil 1b (3); B. Bennich 2b, 1b (2); C. Whitlow 2b; R. Wallace 1b (3); A. Eve 2b; McKenzie Evans 1b.
Tiger Paws: E. Russell 2b (2), 1b; E. Nix 2b, 1b (2); A. Staudt HR, 3b, 1b; L. Terry 2b; J. Thompson 2b, 1b; A.A. Glasgow 1b (3); C. Chappell 1b; H. Waddell 2b, 1b; C. Echols 1b; M. Gillett 3b.