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A look back

By Staff
A lot of talking about the weather:
1909-June 27, During the thunder and rainstorm which occurred here yesterday the barn belonging to Jonathan Crow was struck by lightning and set on fire. A fine horse and buggy were consumed. Much timber was struck and the local telephone system was about put out of business.
1909-June 28, There has been considerable improvement in the cotton crop in this section of the state during the past week. The warm sun has killed all weeds and farmers have been able to cut grass between showers.
1925-June 29, So far not a report has come to light of any boll weevil infestation in the Morgan County.
1910-June 30, It is hoped that the rain currently being experienced on a daily basis will not continue. If it does the present promising crop condition in this section of the country will not last. Especially is this likely to be true along the Flint River and its tributaries. Bottomland corn along the creek is being overflowed in some instances for the third time. Crops that were clean before the rain set in are now being fouled with grass and weeds. When the rain does subside and consistent pretty weather returns a thorough working and hoeing will have to be done again.
1945-July 1, The hot summer weather makes it difficult for the recreational center at the armory hall to keep a sufficient supply of ice for drinks.
1923-July 2, The current good weather season is being used to the utmost by the road contractors who are constructing Morgan's system of highways. The working parties now are engaged in the task of getting as much of the road system as possible completed before winter halts the work.
1895-July 3, The cold weather of this past winter ought to mean a healthy summer, while the abundant snows experienced throughout the country should mean good crops this season.
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