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Commissioner apologizes for comments

By By Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
County Commissioner Stacy Lee George is apologizing for some of the comments he made at a press conference last week, saying he is sorry if his comments embarrassed his constituents.
"I would like to apologize to my constituents if anything I said at my press conference…offended anyone," George said in a written release this week.
George held the press conference last week to answer charged he was harassing his wife, who had earlier filed for divorce. George's wife, Stephanie, had received a restraining order against the District Four Commissioner, saying he had threatened to kill her and them turn the gun on himself.
On Monday, George said a mutual restraining order was issued.
"We (Stacy and Stephanie George) are not to speak, but we can be around each other for our daughter's sake," he said. "I am not guilty of anything and all of my Constitutional rights have been reinstated."
Sheriff John McBride had earlier revoked George's pistol permit.
At the press conference, George lashed out at his wife, as well as what he called the county's "political machine," made up of Sheriff John McBride, District Attorney Bob Burrell, Circuit Clerk John Pat Orr and Commission Chairman Larry Bennich.
In a statement issued Monday, George backed off some of his earlier statements.
"As for the Morgan County Political Machine…I will let the voters of this county deal with them. I am going to work for this county and they can continue to play political bashing in the Morgan County Courthouse if they choose to."
George said he wanted to apologize to Carrie Spurling, chairperson of the board of registrars and one of about 50 bystanders at the press conference. George and Spurling had a heated exchange after Spurling laughed during the press conference and told George she thought he was using his father, who is in a wheelchair, for sympathy.
George told Spurling, who is also in a wheelchair, they he would "wheel (her) up there and use (her.)"
That exchange prompted McBridge to call a halt to the press conference.
George said he regretted making that statement.
"Most of what I said will stand but one additional comment I made did not sound professional and for that I am sorry," George said.
George also said he held no ill feelings toward the deputies of the Morgan County Sheriff's Department. George had earlier said the deputies were following him and harassing him as he drove through the county.
"I love our sheriff's department and I feel it is one of the best in this state but it has one problem. The wages we pay them are not as high as other surrounding counties…I worked hard with our late Sheriff (Steve) Crabbe to fix this problem and I will work hard with this sheriff and the next sheriff – no matter what political party he represents," George said.
George said he plans to stay in office and work to help his constituents.
"I must say damage has been done to me that I feel I will never totally recover from but I will take what is left of my family and serve my county like never before. I love helping people and I hope this fills a void in my heart from the destruction done to me."