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One family, two top students

By Staff
Timmie and Rebekah Morgan said they didn't do anything special in raising their daughters Cassie and Ashley.
They sure turned out special, though.
Both girls are graduates of Danville High School. In 2000, Cassie graduated at the top of her class. Ashley accomplished the same feat this year, earning both sisters the title of Valedictorian.
"We're really proud of both of them," Timmie Morgan said. "They've done a lot better than I did in school."
Rebekah, said since younger daughter Ashley graduated at the top of her class two weeks ago, people have asked what she and her father did to raise two valedictorians.
"I really don't know what to tell them," Rebekah Morgan said.
The girls themselves don't make a big fuss about their accomplishments.
Cassie, 20, got the ball rolling for the Morgan girls two years ago, when she earned the honor in 2000.
"I just studied and got good grades," she said.
Cassie is currently pursuing a career in nursing. She attends Wallace State Community College in Hanceville and works at Decatur General Hospital. She hopes to eventually transfer her studies to the nursing program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville to complete her degree.
Younger sister Ashley used much the same route to reach the valedictorian honor this year.
It wasn't hard. I just studied and did my work," she said.
Ashley, too, plans a career in a medicine-related field.
"I'm going to Auburn this fall to study pharmacy," she said about her plans for the future.
Both girls said they have no definite plans about staying in the North Alabama area after completing their degrees.
"I'll think about that after college," Ashley said.