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Braves rising to top of 5-6 year-olds league

By Staff
The Braves have collected four wins against one loss during early season action and are atop the 5-6 standings.
The Rockies plated five runs in both the first and second innings to take control of their contest with the Giants.
Rockies: Holden Langston 3b (2), 2b, 3r; Alston Howard 3b, 1b (2), 3r, 2 RBI; Collin Young 3b (3), 1b, 3r, 4 RBI; Riley Wiggins HR, 1b, 2r, 3 RBI; Waid Miller 3b, 2b, 2r, RBI; Mykel Welch 1b (2), 1r, 2 RBI; Brent Copeland 1b; Tristen Mitchell 1b (3), 2 RBI.
Giants: Chris Johnson 1b (2), 1r; Justin Dozier 1b, 1r; Austin Owens 1b (2), 1r, RBI; Ben Sexton 1b; Dillan Smith 1b (2), 2 RBI; Jamie Spille 2b; Johnston McCutheon 1b.
The Braves remained undefeated by the slimmest of margins as the Marlins staged two three-run rallies in the late going.
Braves: Tate Mathis 3b, 1b, 2r; Jacob Pohl 1b, 1r, RBI; Spencer Appleton HR, 2 RBI; Robbie Fields 2b, 1r; Jake Nelson 3b, 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; Tyler Vinson 1b (2), 1R; Mason Petty 1b (2); Josh Pohl 1b.
Marlins: Josh Flowers 1b (2), 2r; Cody Wood HR, 1b (2), 3r, 2 RBI; Dakota Liverett 2b, 1r; Steven Cleek 2b, 1b (2), 1r, 4 RBI; Luke Southerland 1b; Garrett Marsh 1b; Carter Shelton 1b.
The Rockies got three runs in the first and five in the third and prevented a solid rally by the Orioles.
Rockies: H. Langston 3b, 1b, 2r; A. Howard 1b (3), 2r, RBI; C. Young 1b (2), 1r, 2 RBI; R. Wiggins 3b, 1b, 2r, RBI; W. Miller 1b (2), 1r; M. Welch 1b, 2 RBI; T. Mitchell 1b.
Orioles: Lon Starr 1b (3), 2r; Graham Clark 1b; Jordan Robinson 2b, 1b, 2 RBI; Clay Wilson 1b (2), Austin Blackman 2b; Cody Long 1b (2), 1r.
The Cubs' E.J. Turner came up with the game-winning homerun needed after the Red Sox produced a six-run rally to tie the game in the top of the fourth.
Turner's winning yard trip overshadowed a grandslam by the Red Sox's Connor Shelton.
Cubs: Forrest Anders 1b (2), 1r, 2 RBI; Hunter King 1b (2), 2r; E.J. Turner HR, 3b (2), 3r; Coltin Key 1b (2), 2r; Mitchell Poole 1b (2), 2r; Dustin Stephenson 2b, 1b, 1r, 3 RBI; Tyler Cook 1b, 1r, RBI; Taylor Steele 1b (2), 1r; Nicholas Hillman 1b, 2 RBI; Connor Pheny 1b, 1r; Lynn Mullins 1b, 1r.
Red Sox: Casen Wallace 1b (4), 2r; Cayce Stewart HR, 1b (2), 2 RGI; Quintin Dupper 2b, 1b (2), 2r; C. Shelton HR, 2b, 1b, 3r, 4 RBI; Caleb Lewis 3b, 2b, 1b, 3r, 3 RBI; Zach Pershin 2b, 1b (2), 1r; Austin Maner 1b (2) 2 RBI; Brock Hickman 1b.
The Braves decimated the Indians for 10 runs in the top of the first inning, eight in the second and capped their one-sided win with three in the fourth.
The Indians got a pair in the first and four in the bottom of the fourth.
Braves: T. Mathis 2b (2), 1b, 3r, 3 RBI; Jacob Pohl 3b, 1b (3), 3r, 4 RBI; S. Appleton HR, 3b, 1b (2), 3r, 3 RBI; R. Fields HR (2), 2r, 4 RBI; T. Vinson 2b (2), 1b; 3r, 2 RBI; M. Petty 1b (3), 2r, RBI; Josh Pohl 1b (3), 2r, 2 RBI; J. Hunter 1b (3), 2r, RBI; A. Teague 1b, 1r, RBI.
Indians: Carson Cannon 1b (2), 1r, RBI; Joshua Rhodes 1b, 1r; Jacob Stewart 1b (2), 2r, RBI; Dylan Thompson 2b, 1b, RBI; Austin Smith 2b, 1b, RBI; Jake Tiffin 3b, 1r; Travis Crow 2b, 1r, RBI.
The Rangers cut the rattles off the D-backs with six runs scattered during the first three innings.
The Diamondbacks got on the board with one run in the third inning.
Rangers: Graham McHugh 1b, RBI; Jake Gassaway 2b, 1r; Cheatson Beard HR, 3b, 2r, 2 RBI; Phillip Summerford HR, 2b, 2r, RBI; Trey Moody 1b (2), RBI; Scout Alexander 1b (2); Curtis Russell 1b; Cam Johns 1b, 1r; Jonathan Lackey 1b.
Diamondbacks: Colton Burkes 2b, 1b; Kade Chaney 1b; Collins Hanners 2b, 1r; Jacob Kent 2b, RBI.
The Cubs hammered the Braves for six runs in the opening inning and plated at least two runs in the remaining three innings as they ran away with the game.
Cubs: F. Anders 1b, 1r; H. King 1b (2), 2r; E. Turner HR (2), 2b, 3r, 5 RBI; C. Key HR, 3b, 1b, 3r, 2 RBI; M. Poole 2b, 1b (2), 2r, RBI; T. Cook 1b (2), 2r, RBI; T. Steele 1b (2), RBI; N. Hillman 1b, 2 RBI; D. Stephenson 1b (2), 1r, 2 RBI; C. Pheny 1b.
Braves: T. Mathis 1b (2), 1r; Jacob Pohl 1b (2), 2r; S. Appleton HR, 2 RBI; R. Fields 2b, 1b, 1r, RBI; J. Nelson 1b, 1r, RBI; T. Vinson 2b, 1b, RBI; M. Petty 1b, RBI.
The Rangers picked up four runs in both the first and fourth innings and three in the third before the Giants averted a shutout with a single run in the bottom of the fourth.
Rangers: G. McHugh 2b, 1b, 1r; J. Gassaway 1b (2), 2r; C. Beard 3b, 1b (2), 3r, 2 RBI; P. Summerford HR, 3b, 1b, 3r, 4 RBI; S. Alexander 1b (3), 1r, RBI; C. Russell HR, 1b, 1r, 4 RBI; J. Lackey 1b.
Giants: Christian Light 1b; C. Johnson 1b; J. Dozier 3b, 1b, 1r; A. Owens RBI; B. Sexton 1b; D. Smith 2b; J. Spille 1b; Dillon Martin 1b.
The D-backs claimed the win with a lone run in the bottom of the sixth inning after the Marlins battled back to knot the game at 5-5 after five.
Diamondbacks: C. Burkes 1b (2), 1r; Tyler Morgan 3b, 1r, RBI; Adam Keenum 3b, 1b, 1r, RBI; Blake Wilhite 2b, 1r, RBI; K. Chaney 2b, 1b, RBI; Caleb Williams 1b (2), 2 RBI; Ethan Johnson 1b; Ben Paulsen 3b, 1r; Chandler Padgett 1b.
Marlins: G. Marsh 2b, 1b, 1r; C. Wood 3b, 2b, 1r, RBI; D. Liverett 1b (2), 1r, RBI; S. Cleek HR, 3b, 1b, 2r, 2 RBI; Ashton Quattlebaum 1b; Connor Warhurst 1b (2).
The birds flogged the Indians for three runs in both the first and third innings and finally feathered their nest with four in the fifth to claim the win. J.R. Tanner belted three homers in the win.
Orioles: L. Starr 1b (3), 2r; C. Wilson 2b, 1b, 2r, RBI; J. Robinson HR, 2b, 1b, 3r, 2 RBI; J.R. Tanner HR (3), 3r, 7 RBI; G. Clark 1b; A. Blackman 1b (2); Austin Davis 2b.
Indians: C. Cannon 1b (3), 3r; J. Rhodes 2b, RBI; J. Stewart 2b, 1b, 1r, RBI; D. Thompson 1b (3), 2r, 2 RBI; A. Smith 2b (2), 2 RBI; T. Crow 1b; Bo Brown 1b.
Eight runs in the top of the third propelled the Red Sox over the Rockies.
Red Sox: C. Wallace 1b (2), 2r, 2 RBI; Q. Dupper 3b, 2b, 1b, 2r; C. Shelton HR (2), 2b, 2r, 6 RBI; C. Lewis 1b (2), 1r; Z. Pershin 2b (2), 1b, 1r, RBI; Andrew Segars 1b (2), 2r; C. Stewart 2b, 1b, 2r, 3 RBI.
Rockies: H. Langston 2b, 1b, 2r; A. Howard 2b, 1b, 2r, 2 RBI; C. Young 1b (2), 1r, RBI; R. Wiggins 1b (3), RBI; W. Miller 1b (2), 1r, RBI; T. Mitchell 1b; M. Welch 1b, RBI; Andrew Sims 1b.
The D-backs made a meal of the birds on the strength of two late runs.
Diamondbacks: C. Burkes 3b, 1b, 2r; T. Morgan 3b, 2r, RBI; A. Keenum 2b, 1b, RBI; C. Hanners 2b; K. Chaney 1b, 1r; B. Paulsen 1b; C. Williams 1b, RBI; J. Kent 1b; C. Padgett 1b (2), 1r; B. Wilhite 1b.
Orioles: L. Starr 3b, 1b, 2r, RBI; J. Robinson 2b, 1b, 1r, 2 RBI; J. Tanner 1b; G. Clark 1b; C. Long 1b, 1r; A. Blackman 1b.
The Cubs ran their record to 5-1 with a solid win over the Marlins.
Cubs: F. Anders HR, 2b, 2r, RBI; H. King 1b, 1r; E. Turner HR, 2b, 1r, 3 RBI; M. Poole 2b, 1r; T. Steele 1b (2), RBI; N. Hillman 1b; D. Stephenson RBI.
Marlins: S. Cleek 3b, 1b, RBI; J. Flowers 2b, 1b, 2r, RBI; C. Wood 2b, RBI; C. Shelton 1b, 1r.
A five-run third inning propelled the Braves past the Giants, who avoided a shutout with a last inning run.
Braves: T. Mathis 2b (2), 1b, 2r; Jacob Pohl 1b (2), 2r, 2 RBI; J. Nelson 1b (3), 2r; R. Fields 1b, RBI; S. Appleton 1b; T. Vinson HR, 3b, 2r, 3 RBI; M. Petty 1b; Josh Pohl 1b.
Giants: C. Johnson 1b, 1r; J. Dozier 1b.
After jumping out to a three-run lead, the Red Sox had to come up with the winning run in the bottom of the fifth inning after the Indians tied it in the top half. Andrew Segars plated the game-winner for the Sox.
Red Sox: C. Wallace 1b (2), 1r; Q. Dupper 2b, 1b (2), 2r, 2 RBI; C. Shelton HR, 2b, 2r, 4 RBI; C. Lewis 1b; C. Stewart 1b, 1r; Z. Pershin 3b; A. Segars 1b, 1r.
Indians: C. Cannon 1b, RBI; J. Stewart 1b; D. Thompson 2b, 1b, 1r; Gage Hemming 3b, 1r, RBI; T. Crow 1b (2), 2r, RBI; Clay Freeman HR, 1b, 1r.